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About US

Mohamad Reza Fallah has started his activities in battery field since 1985 by taking agency of SABA battery.

He has had the honor of cooperation as representative with Iranian companies such as BORNA battery,ATOMIC battery , AZAR battery and NIROUGOSTARAN KHORASAN .

Besides he has also started national manufacturing of ENERGY battery since 2007

Through constant and professional activities in this direction, he was appointed as head of board of director of Battery Distribution Association of Tehran (BDAT) in 2006-2012 for two regular periods. At the present time he is head of battery importers association and head of board of director in BDAT in Iran.

He has been pioneer to start his activities in importing batteries by VARTA brand through Fallah Trading Company in 1998.

This Trading Company has had constant cooperation with Germany (VARTA brand), Turkey (INCI AKU and EAS brands), and with South Korea (CENE, SHARK, LOCAS, PRADO, SUPER DIAMOND, SILVER and SPARK)  .

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Practical Hints

Our practical hints for better using of car batteris

  • Choose Proper Battery Mar 08, 2016

    Car batteries are electrical storage units that convert chemical energy to electrical energy. The battery in your car is known as a lead-acid battery.


  • Changing Battery Mar 08, 2016

    Make absolutely sure to first note the location of the positive and negative battery cables.


  • Maintenance Mar 08, 2016

    Avoid an expensive service or tow charge (and the worry of being stranded!) by keeping your car battery working at peak performance.


  • Jumper Battery Mar 08, 2016

    A battery has a negative (-) terminal and positive (+) terminal. Each terminal will be labeled with the appropriate symbol and most wires will be color coded—red (or yellow) for positive (+), black for negative (-).

Battery Types

Gel Cell
A gel cell is considered a VRLA battery and is designed with a gelified electrolyte. Gel batteries are extremely resistant to hot temperatures, spillage, physical shock, and electrolyte evaporation. Gel batteries function just like a wet cell battery, except they are sealed and dry.  
SLI Battery
SLI batteries are designed to start your car with fast short bursts of energy to start your engine. There is a greater lead plate count, but thinner to cover more surface area and have a custom material. Most automobiles come with a generic SLI battery from the factory
Wet Cell
Wet cell batteries are lead acid batteries designed for automotive use. There are two popular versions of wet cell batteries available as a SLI (starting lights ignition) starting battery and a deep cycle (marine) battery. Wet cell car batteries are serviceable and should be checked routinely, but in some cases there are maintenance free wet cell batteries as well.

Central Office

  • 1st floor, No. 29, 9th St., North Shohada Blv., Sadeghiyeh, Tehran, Iran
  • 009821-44246917
  • 009821-44247551
  • 009821-44245290
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Central Shop

  • No. 418, After Seraj Mosque, Amirkabir St., Tehran, Iran
  • 009821-33917627
  • 009821-33903684
  • 009821-33988758
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